November 12, 2010

CrAzY Bucket List.

feeling: Thank Goodness It is FRIDAY!

I was reading this blog and I came across the bloggers Bucket List, it made me laugh. Some of the things were pretty standard but most of it was pretty much outrageous. Thank goodness I am not the only one with a few unusual ideas.

This blogger inspired me to just put it all out there.

I want to list 100 CrAzY things that I want to do before I die.
Today I will start with 10, now remember they are CrAzy and maybe a bit of a fantasy but what life without a bit little bit of fun.

I will let you know if I actually get the guts or money to ever do what is on my bucket list.

My BUCKET list:

1. I want to CHOOSE my sons future wife - I am even considering an arranged marriage - I will teach him that it is how we do things in our family(It is our culture!)Bwahahahaha evil laugh!

2. I want to walk topless down the beach. Don't ask me why but I just want the confidence to do it.

3. I want to hire one of those metal detector thingies and go treasure hunting. I watched a program where people go looking for gold using a metal detector in the Australian Outback.I love the idea of hidden treasure.

4. I want to eat at a restaurant and then I want to choose a nice family/couple and anonymously pay for their entire meal but it must be a BIG meal.

5. I want to get a six packed stomach before I am 35, 6 years it should be doable shouldn't it?

6. I want to try truffles not the chocolates but the thingies that pigs find.

7. I want to one day dye my hair pitch black. This is the only colour I have not tried.

8. I want to just smash my car into someone else car/taxi when they are driving like an idiot (Have you ever watched Fried Green Tomatoes...LOOWAAAANDA!)I then want enough money to not care about the consequences.

9. I want to fire a really BIG gun. Not at someone, I am not that bad, just at a target.

10. I want to walk up to a random stranger, tell them how HOT they are looking and just walk away...I am married but I know how good I would feel if someone did this to me, so why not do it and make a HOT hehee strangers day?

Do any of you have Bucket Lists, is yours also strange, I would LOVE to hear what is on your lists?

Much Love M x

November 08, 2010

I love You the Way You Are.

Feeling: Miff!

A week ago I took Luke for a little outing...just him and I.
We went to I-play, it is a children's playground that has all sorts of goodies that kids love.
Luke is still a bit small for all the fun outside activities but he was quite content to sit on the play mat inside and bash all their toys.
He was also very interested in the other kids and played rather sweetly along side them. Little kids don't play with each other they play parallel to each other.

There were a few occasions where some older kids would steal his toy but he handled it all rather well and pulled his toy right back. Fortunately he is a big boy so has the strength to defend his territory. I did not have to intervene at all, I sat contently on a bean bag chair sipping my cool drink watching my baby play.

I- play costs R30.00 per child so most of the moms were quite glam. They were all dressed beautifully and were socialising with friends at the little restaurant while the I- play helpers kept an eye on their cherubs. Me, I could never allow that I do not feel comfortable with ANYONE else but my close family looking after Luke, something that I suspect will raise an eyebrow from other people but that is just me.

I had been at I - play for about 2 hours when suddenly this really pretty ohhh my goodness I WISH I looked/dressed like her...kinda mother cat walked in with her 2 little girls. Her older daughter was about 4 and the younger about 10 months. The mother plopped her gorgeous little girl down next to Luke and proceeded to boss all the I- play staff around. Get this, do this, can I have this blah blah blah. She then plonked her toned ass next to me and proceeded to tell me what a hectic morning she had had because they had already been to her older daughters school concert and still had two... not one... but two birthday parties to attend that very day.

* I can not understand people who attend multiple functions on one day, I am a say YES and commit to the 1st invite only kinda gal - I personally find it very rude to attend half a function and it grates my carrot when people cut my functions short to dash to the next.

Anyway she nattered on and on about what she was going to buy these kids and blah blah blah...I think I may have zoned out a few times. It was then that I decided that I had had enough, Luke was getting hungry so it was time to leave/escape.

As I picked up my happy boy she finally stopped talking about herself and said.. gee your son is white.

* Her daughter had dark brown hair, almost black/brown eyes and olive skin.

Yes he is, was my response, a real blue eyed boy.

She then said that I should put him in the sun so that he can get a tan.
I think I may have look at her a bit strangely at this point...a tan but my husband and I are blue eyed and have fair skins..ohhh and my son is only 11 MONTHS old!!

This did not stop her..yes, a tan... we took my baby to Sun City last weekend and she got this gorgeous tan from swimming all day.

It was at this point that I took a really good look at her little girl and yip there it was the signs of peeling on her very brown arms!

I then realised I just can not be one of "those" mothers and before I got rude I said my goodbyes and bolted out of the play center.

This is what I wanted to say to that mother:

"Are you fekking insane, have you not heard about SKIN CANCER? Are you actually advising me to tan my son? You are one stupid mother I hope you don't make your girls fit the "beautiful" mould ....lets hope your girls are never fat. I quiver to think about how you would handle that, what would you do pills?"

For once I actually kept my mouth shut because at the end of the day I love my cuddly, smooth skinned, white baby JUST THE WAY HE IS.

Much Love M xxx