November 12, 2010

CrAzY Bucket List.

feeling: Thank Goodness It is FRIDAY!

I was reading this blog and I came across the bloggers Bucket List, it made me laugh. Some of the things were pretty standard but most of it was pretty much outrageous. Thank goodness I am not the only one with a few unusual ideas.

This blogger inspired me to just put it all out there.

I want to list 100 CrAzY things that I want to do before I die.
Today I will start with 10, now remember they are CrAzy and maybe a bit of a fantasy but what life without a bit little bit of fun.

I will let you know if I actually get the guts or money to ever do what is on my bucket list.

My BUCKET list:

1. I want to CHOOSE my sons future wife - I am even considering an arranged marriage - I will teach him that it is how we do things in our family(It is our culture!)Bwahahahaha evil laugh!

2. I want to walk topless down the beach. Don't ask me why but I just want the confidence to do it.

3. I want to hire one of those metal detector thingies and go treasure hunting. I watched a program where people go looking for gold using a metal detector in the Australian Outback.I love the idea of hidden treasure.

4. I want to eat at a restaurant and then I want to choose a nice family/couple and anonymously pay for their entire meal but it must be a BIG meal.

5. I want to get a six packed stomach before I am 35, 6 years it should be doable shouldn't it?

6. I want to try truffles not the chocolates but the thingies that pigs find.

7. I want to one day dye my hair pitch black. This is the only colour I have not tried.

8. I want to just smash my car into someone else car/taxi when they are driving like an idiot (Have you ever watched Fried Green Tomatoes...LOOWAAAANDA!)I then want enough money to not care about the consequences.

9. I want to fire a really BIG gun. Not at someone, I am not that bad, just at a target.

10. I want to walk up to a random stranger, tell them how HOT they are looking and just walk away...I am married but I know how good I would feel if someone did this to me, so why not do it and make a HOT hehee strangers day?

Do any of you have Bucket Lists, is yours also strange, I would LOVE to hear what is on your lists?

Much Love M x

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