June 30, 2010

Watch My Belly Grow!

10 Week Belly: craving chillis, so we will name baby Chilli Bean until we know if it is Blue or Pink

13 Week Belly: Chilli Bean is now fully formed.

16 Week Belly: Chilli Bean is a BOY! We shall call thee :Luke Christian Hall x
Luke means bringer of light.

18 Week Belly: Pop there you are, I am now looking pregnant not fat ;-)

23 Week Belly: Luke is picking up fat.

25 Week Belly: Starting to wear maternity pant jeans.

28 Week Belly.

29 Week Belly- suffering from a pregger rash on my face, my only bad preggy symptom!

36 Week Belly - professional pictures done by Darren Maree Photographers
Tel: 082 453 8947

37 Week Belly - my last tummy picture, 3 days later Luke arrived!
Much Love M x


  1. Stunning Mands!
    I hope you don't mind but I am going to 'pinch' your idea for my blogpost today!
    Much love

  2. Of course not hun I really don't mind! xxx