October 28, 2010

It is Thursday NOT Wednesday!

Feeling: Blush - embarrassed!

This morning I posted the post Wordless Wednesday, it was a picture of Makoko scratching his Ass..giggle!

Anyway, I was looking at my diary and the date has just hit me right between the eyes...today is actually THURSDAY!
Somehow I have lost a day??

When I look back at the past month the days kinnda just blur into one....could it still be porridge brain from pregnancy, is it lack of a full nights sleep, is it my meds for the depression, is it that I have too much going on, is it that I need a holiday, is it that I am on the wrong side of 25 and have only 1 year left on the right side of 30...........All of the above me thinks.

Next I will be leaving Luke somewhere....to avoid this I think I may buy one of those harnesses to tie him to me until my brain function returns to normal.

*At this rate I may have to use the harness until Luke goes to High School...SIGH!

Much Love M x


  1. ha ha it's called being a mom to a small child! I have it too. Your blog's looking great by the way, like the new photos of the family

  2. LOL One it is the most bizzare feeling, I am usually on top of things but Like you said being a mother changes that!!! Thanks Pen still learning but I find blogging quite fun x x Yours looks super as well? By the way how do I put my blog list on my blog??

  3. It's porridge brain, it never leaves. post its are your friend :-) The harness is a good idea, until he learns how to take it off