September 22, 2010

Waiting For Bribery and Corruption.

Feeling : Even my toes are tired!

Last night was a disaster. I started sleep training with King Luke - snigger!
Lets just say after last night I have suspended sleep training indefinitely due to the lack of interest presented by both parties. Ohh and did I mention this mother is a woes?

Even our doggy Shnookz was distressed by the entire ordeal. She also refused to sleep in her bed last night. So I had one unhappy baby and one whiny, whingey doggy both wanting my attention. Needless to say who needs to buy tickets to the zoo, just come and visit the Hall residence, it is free entertainment! I would hate to know what the neighbours think!

I got home and did all the bedtime routine stuff (as per the "Baby Bible") and Supper Nanny (Side note: I love her!) When my son started to rub his gorgeous blue now red rimmed eyes, it was time for bed, 19:00.
I took him to his cot, lay him down, kissed his little head and whispered good night my darling. I left his night light on and tiptoed out the room. It all seemed really sweet and fairytale like up to this point!

As I gently closed his bedroom door, he arched his back, kicked off his blankets and let loose. He began to ScReAm and ScReaM and SCReam.......... and so this continued for 30 minutes. (Side note: My hubby and I are noisy umm loud people so my son has a VERY big voice as well).

Wanting to make sure that he was okay I sneaked my head around the door only to discover he had vomited ALL OVER - the smell hit me right between the eyes. Curdled milk and night time porridge! He seems to be like a snake...when threatened he regurgitates his food..Good times!
His sheet was covered, the mattress was covered, the blanket was covered, his baby grow was covered, his teddy was covered and yip KL was covered.

So there I was stripping his cot thinking SCREW this! While trying to get his pukey baby grow off him without getting any on me. All I kept saying was I hate you Baby Bible and Supper STUPID Nanny...wanna see YOU try this!
I think my right eye was twitching and I had a pain in my jaw from clenching my teeth!

I then put my sobbing, red, splotching baby in the bath. After his second bath of the evening I wrapped him in a towel and gave his a weary cuddle,by this stage he was FULLY awake and all smiley. King Luke 1 - Mommy ohh who is keeping score anyway?
He kept giving me this naughty grin (he screws his nose and shows me his teeth) I tried not to smile but I did!

I have realised I am not the strong willed, totally in control.... my child will never do that kind of mother that I thought I would be! One night of sleep training (Okay mommy training - Luke is gifted) and I give up!

I am now waiting in anticipation for the day when I can bribe my child to do what I want him to do -PARENT OF THE YEAR right here me thinks!

Much Love M x


  1. Oh dear. Cole did the exact same thing - he threw up regularly for a couple of months actually. He eventually just learnt to do it on command - as soon as he realised he'd be left alone he'd go. Nothing to help except keep trying it out I'm afraid.