September 15, 2010

Don't poke me...I don't like it!

Feeling: Proud.

My son is just over 9 months old so it is vaccination time again. Today I had to bundled him into the car for his measles vaccination. SIGH!

I usually dislike (hate) taking him for these is true what they say "this is going to hurt me more than you my child"!
My heart literally aches as I watch my innocent, unsuspecting, happy, content baby gurgling away while the nurse prepares the injections. He has no clue what is going to happen and the worst part is that I can't explain to him that mamma has to allow this to happen as it is for his own good!

He gets the injections in his thighs...I say injections because there is always more than one. As the needle goes into his chubby thigh, he gets a surprised expression on his face and then the screaming and tears start. It is a dreadful sound, it is not that tantrum scream it is an OUCHIE cry! All mommies will know the difference, an ouchie cry is heartbreaking to see and hear.

Anyway today I walked into the clinic with my happy boy who flirted and smiled with everyone. He was being his usual charming self and was handing out big toothy grins to anyone watching him.

The clinic sister picked him up for a love and cuddle before doing the yukky deed...luring him into a false sense of security! NAH not really.... she was actually a really lovely lady who you could see adores babies.

I held Luke while the first needle went into his my astonishment he did not even blink....second needle goes in... he yelps turns around and gives the nurse a filthy look and then swipes her hand away.... She smiles and walks to the other side of the room to her desk to fill out his booklet. He now totally aware of what she is all about twists his entire body around so that he can follow her every move.

Until the time we left her rooms he would not be distracted and would not take his eyes off her. By this stage were were all hysterical with laughter.

He was keeping his beady eyes on this wiley woman! Once bitten twice shy King Luke?

Much Love M


  1. Brave little boy! I have Luca's MMR to look forward to at the end of September :(

  2. He didn't cry?! That's amazing. Sounds like he's quite a character : )

  3. Hi Mands, I've nominated you for a blog award! Come to my blog and pick it up when you can

  4. Nope did not cry I was amazed!! He is quite a tough little big fellow...ohh wow thanks Pen!! hehee Blush! How do I pick it up??? Thant is so COOL! xxxxx