September 27, 2010

Where do I come from?

Feeling: Sentimental

I just read a friends blog - My Spirited Baby.
It is one of my favourite blogs!
She wrote a post asking if her two sons look like her at all and whether her boys look similar or different to each other.
She is in a cross cultural marriage, so her hubby's darker genes are stronger than her very fair genes but I can definitely see a lot of her in her beautiful caramel boys :-)
I hope she doesn't mind but I wanted to ask the same thing about my son.
My reason for asking this question is a bit entire family are dark...they ALL have DARK brown hair and DARK brown eyes! I on the other hand have blond hair and blue eyes. So as you can well imagine I have been asked my entire life "where do you came from?"
It used to really make me terribly upset when I was younger because all I wanted to be was the same as them. I also got your brothers are SOOO good looking and dark where do you fit in......OUCH, not the best thing to hear when you are a awkward, fugly teenager!
I have however overcome the feeling of being "left" out by the way I look and I now celebrate the fact that I am different from the rest of my family (mom and dad included). It is still a topic that is ALWAYS discussed when people met the entire clan for the first time but I just laugh and smile because it makes people "wonder" where I came from hehee! (SCANDALOUS)

The fact that people tell me that my son and I look the same is something that I find really exciting and new. I get a thrill whenever people say "wow Mands he looks just like you!" It is something that I have never experienced and I must admit I just can't hear it enough.

What do you think?

The baby on the top is me (yes I was that cute ;-) and below it Luke.

Much Love M x


  1. Do you know Mands that I have never realised that your colouring is different from your brothers? ha ha I've always thought I could see similarities. Are fairer genes on your Dad's side?
    And just look at me - no other redhead in sight in my immediate family.
    I definitely think Luke looks like you...although I do find it hard to tell with babies. Def got your gorgeous eyes though (shape and colour)!
    No I don't mind and thanks for mentioning my blog!

  2. Hi Pen..NOPE my dads family are also dark..although in each family on the Maree side there is one blond cuzzy with blue is the strangest thing! My Great Grandfather on my moms side was very blond, with huge blue gran seems to think I got my colouring from him. Don't you find genes fascinating! Thanks Pen xxxx