October 14, 2010

I TOLD You So!

Feeling: Like the vastly Superior Partner.

I adore my hubby but at times I could slowly strangle him with a big grin on my face. Today is a perfect example of this. MEN strange creatures!

We have a maid (Supa Cleaner) that comes once a week to do a good house clean and all my ironing! She comes every Thursday and to be honest it is the highlight of my week.
I think I may actually love her, I mean really, really love her! There is nothing better then walking into a sparkly, clean shiny house after work knowing that I did not have to lift a finger to get it that way!

Any hoo.....I leave our house quite early every morning to drop off Luke and Shnookz at Nana's house. Supa Cleaner can't get to our house before I leave... public transport in Johannesburg is a running joke.

So I leave the front door security gate unlocked and front door key hidden for her, so that she can let herself in. Not exactly the safest plan but I do what I have to do :-)

Chris always leaves the house after me so EVERY Thursday I gently remind him not to lock the security gate so that my beloved maid can get into the house to do all the jobs that I detest!

Chris always responds to my "nagging" with ..... A SIGH..." I KNOW MANDS you DO NOT have to ALWAYS remind me"! He says this through gritted teeth...get the picture?

Today was no different, on my way out the door I gave Chris a quick peck and whispered "Don't forget the maid is coming, leave the sercuity gate op.....! He gives me this irritated grunt and says "I KNOW, I know"!!!!
So with a raised eyebrow, I leave it at that.

I get to my office and the phone rings...guess who is on the phone...come on just guess!
MY MAID..."Hello Mandy,the gate she is locked"!

Can you Feking believe it... after all my gently reminding and Chris's irritated I knows....he locked the gate!!

I am now livid and call him...."Chris do you know that the maid is standing outside our house because somehow the gate that you left open locked itself "....sarcastic I know but geeewizzz DUDE!

I I I I Diiiiid leave it oooopppp....he starts to argue rather hesitantly....hmm are you sure I ask?
"No" is his reply! I could almost hear him hang his head in shame!

So he had to leave work to go all the way to our house to let my poor rain soaked maid in...a 20 min drive both ways....A lesson learnt lets hope so.

I can't wait to go home tonight and say.....repeat after me...I will always listen to my wife and smile while doing it!!

Much Love M x

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