October 27, 2010

Stand up and WALK!

Feeling: Weary

My patience has been rather thin with Luke this week, he is a few days shy of being 11 months old and is desperately trying to walk.

This is a fantastic milestone BUT he is very frustrated that he can't get it right and is still too nervous to just go for it.

Every time I put him down to crawl or play he ends up throwing a tantrum.

I thought they were only supposed to have brat attacks from the age of 2??

I am telling you Luke literally gives those Baby Bible Book the bird and does things his way and in his time. Great for him but not great for me.

I have no clue how to handle these situation in the correct way.

I pretend that I am in control but inside I am doubting my every move.

Luke wants to pull himself up on everything but is still very unstable so he often ends up falling backwards or forwards. He screams blue murder every time I catch him just before a spill. He does not want help...I can almost hear him saying...."Mamma I do self"!

He also WANTS to PUSH everything as well ... chairs, coffee tables, foot stools, his walking ring, if it can move he will push it.

He manages to move these objects around while tottering behind them. He happily does this with me holding his T- shirt at the back in case he falls (if you see my son in funny shaped, stretched out T- shirts this is why)

The problem comes in when he hits a wall, someones leg, a big table or a step and can't move the object that he is pushing...he tugs, pulls, puff and pants and when he can't get going again he throws another wobble!

Never mind that my back is now broken from bending over at a 90 degree angle while holding his T-shirt. He will moan until the object is moved from its 'stuck" position and he can happily carry on pushing it. This can carry on for more than an hour no jokes!

If we go shopping he does not want to sit in his pram ohh no King Luke want to push the pram......can you imagine an unstable 11 month old pushing his pram in a shopping center..do I really need to explain the problem!

As I put him in his pram he throws a brat attack. SIGH!

My angel child has been replaced by a very frustrated little boy who is trying so hard to communicate, walk and do things for himself but at this point he can't, so it is a daily battle.

Mom in one corner and Luke in another..... I have ignored the tantrums, distracted him and tried to "listen" to him as he is pretty clear about what he wants but it is hard and I often feel myself loosing it.

I am trying to breath and am looking at things from his perspective.

He is not being naughty (I don't think) but is frustrated.

This is all well and good but he can't get his own way all the time and I refuse to just give into him when I know he is going to hurt himself or someone else...So I will prevail even when strangers give me that "for the love of money and peace control you child" hairy eyeball.

Hmmmff if you can do a better job or have some handy advice by all means come and show me...as I confess I don't know what the heck I am doing, the books tell you how to deal with a 2 year olds tantrums but 11 months......???!

Much Love M x

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  1. Hey Mands
    Yes Benjamin went through a very frustrated phase too and when he finally got the hang of walking, things improved. The same with his speech, much better now he can communicate. It will pass, you're doing great.
    And I get stared at all the time with Benjamin because he has one volume: extra loud. Try telling him he has to leave a place he doesn't want to leave!

    Didn't get to reply to the other comment about the ADHD and tactile disorder. Was going to say I don't think Benjamin fits the description because he can focus/concentrate when he wants to : ) But what you said about getting bored hit the nail on the head. He needs stimulation or his behavuour goes backwards, although he is getting way easier now that he's older.