October 26, 2010

Problem Solved by an 11 month old baby.

Feeling: TOLD

What can I say Luke is Still not sleeping through and is 11 months old!
In all honesty he has never slept through but I look at the bright side of life and think it is because he is a genius and that his brain is overactive.... or so I tell myself - I dare anyone to tell me any different! (Right eye is twitching).

A few days ago I heard Luke's cry at around 4am. With a huge amount of effort I pulled myself out of my warm, fuzzy, happy dream and rose from my bed. This took me a good couple of minutes.
By the time I got to Luke's room he was screaming, so I scooped him up and cuddled him....shoo shoo shooo its okay Mamma's here...(physically not mentally but whose checking).

It was like someone had switched a light he immediately stopped screaming and gave me a toothy grin.
Hmmmm manipulation me thinks?

I took him to the window and said look my baba it is dark outside.. DARK and you need to sleep.

He looks at me, frowns, points to the roof and says ight, IGHT! This is his version of LIGHT!

Hmmmm I got told......(listen you silly woman put the light on and it wont be dark - problem solved)

I think it is quite a compelling argument.

Much Love M x

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