July 23, 2010

Belly Flop.

Feeling: Manic and guilty

This week has not been fun, my little guy got his first 2 bottom toofies and now I see that the top 2 are also almost through his gums as well.
King Luke it seems is like me, GO BIG OR GO HOME even when it comes to teething! As you can well imagine my poor little boy has not been a happy sleeper. His sleep or lack of sleep this week have been worse than usual, Chris and I feel like zombies.

My thoughts this morning...... Luke in the car - check, Luke strapped into his car seat - check, Shnookz in car- check, bottles - check, nappy bag- check, car keys- check, gym bag -check, work lunch - check, my mind - missing in action!

Last night was just bad from the start! I got Luke home at around 17:00, he was moany and tired...suicide hour! He had had dinner at Nana's and it was now bath time so I lay him on his changing mat on the table and walked to the cupboard to get out a vest.

All of a sudden I watched in horror as he pulled his head towards his feet -almost like a stomach crunch and tipped the changing mat over the edge of the table - like a seesaw. His changing mat is a couple of cm's too long for the table. This was not a problem when he was smaller but now that he is longer in length and 3 times his birth weight and can rock himself, it has become dangerous. A tough lesson learnt!

Luke using his changing mat, seesawed his way right off the changing table. He landed on the floor on his belly. It happened so quickly that by the time I jumped to catch him he had already belly flopped onto the ground. Almost like a splat!

I felt my heart leap out of my chest as the panic set in. He was not making a sound as I gently lifted him onto my lap. He was blood red and doing the silent scream thing - he had knocked out all his air, he was winded.
I did not know what to do, I literally froze. I was on my knees with him on my lap. I was trying to sound calm and controlled as I willed him to calm down and breath. When he finally got a gasp of air into his lungs he screamed blue murder and I just cried...I felt like the worst mother ever! Then he started to vomit, all over me and himself. So there we were, me kneeling on the floor cradling my son in my arms covered in vomit, crying. He was as red as beetroot and had tears streaming down his little cheeks! I am surprised that the neighbours did not call child services. I felt like turning myself into them for being so stupid!

After about 15 minuted we both managed to calm down. I took off all this clothes and checked his entire body for bruises, cuts or anything that looked even vaguely funny. I also check every bone in his body for any breakages. I checked his mouth to make sure he had not bitten himself or lost any of his hard earned teeth. To my relief all looked okay - now what about internal bleeding? How do I know if he has this? Maybe I should just take him to the hospital in case?
I gave it another 15 minutes, by this stage he was now calm and happily playing naked on the floor. He was fine, this was all thanks to those spongy puzzle pieces that I have in his room on the floor - they saved him from falling directly onto the wood - Shew!

I on the other hand was still covered in vomit, had mascara streaked all over my face and felt like the biggest failure ever.
I managed to bath Luke and he had a bit more bottle before going to bed and seemed to be okay. I on the other hand was very wobbly.

When Chris came home I burst into tears and told him what had happened. I was expecting him to be cross with me but he was really sweet and told me that Luke was fine and that in future I must just be more careful. This was a lesson well learnt!

Ohh and that is not the end of it, I finally ripped off my vomit stained clothes and popped everything into the washing machine. In my now bedraggled state I had forgotten my cell phone in my jacket pocked, so the poor thing was washed and even went through a spin dry! Today my cell is sitting at home drying out. I am hoping that it will work when I get home tonight but I have my doubts..SIGH!

Much Love M


  1. Never mind Mands, he'll have loads more run ins with floors, walls, doors and stairs and the only one who'll feel any pain is you. Baby's, you will begin to realise, are unbelievably tough.

  2. Well we've all done it. I wasn't watching and let Benjamin fall onto his head from a high seat when he was little and Esera's done it off the couch...you think I would learn. Great blog!

  3. Thanks guys...I felt terrible! You make me feel so much better xxxxx