July 22, 2010

Never A Truer Word Spoken.

Feeling: TOLD :-)

Funny Story...Chris and I took my car in for a service on Wednesday. Having our car serviced is an absolute pain in the BUTT, I always dread it!
It is really difficult having one car when you are both working, even if it is just for one day. Time management becomes a priority.

Whenever we take our cars to be serviced we have to get up extra specially early to get all 4 of us (Shnookz my dog is always included) ready for the day. I have to drop off King Luke and Shnookz at moms and get Chris to work. Then I need to get back to my office without being late. The traffic is always a nightmare. To make matters worse I have to drive Chris's car for the day it does not have power steering, in order to turn his car I need to have muscles on my eyebrows, enough said!

So after dropping off King Luke and Shnookz at Nana's house and dropping Suzi my car at the garage, Chris and I were merrily on our way to his offices after surviving a manic rushed morning. We were proudly out the house by 7am and had not argued once! Hi-five, GO team Hall!

Chris and I were sitting together in Sandton traffic listening to the radio when the presenter started to talk about star signs...personally I think they are a load of rubbish but for the sake of the story let me continue......

Chris and I have been together for 10 years, married for 5.5years, to my astonishment he turned to me and said "Mands what is your star sign?".
"I am a Libra" I replied.
"Oh" he said and then asked what it was.
"It is the scales" I replied.


You know Mands this stuff may be true because you are pretty unbalanced.


Much Love M


  1. Hahahaha! One of those "you had to be there" moments :) Love it!!! xxx

  2. YIP Niks....Me unbalanced NEVER, he must be thinking of someone else! SNIGGER!