July 08, 2010

Night Time Battles

Feeling: MANIC!

Don't get me wrong when you read this blog I love my son, I really, really do but I love sleep as well......SOB!!!

This Mamma is not a nice Mamma without 8 hours of sleep. Without it I am a dark, mean spirited, moany pain in the butt! I just can't help it, can you hear the wine in my voice......

The past 2 nights have been demanding......umm jaaa ....actually they have been pretty sh1tty.

Luke has woken up EVERY BLOODY half hour screaming blue murder! I can't understand it. I have done everything by the book...gee wizz I am really starting to dislike THAT book! Sleep training my backside.....they have obviously never encountered KING Luke.

I have now decided that he must be teething, I can't see anything...not too sure what I am actually looking for but he is rubbing his tongue over his gum all the time and is gobbing allot! I eventually out of sheer desperation tried Panado with the hopes that it will knock the dude out! NO SUCH LUCK. He is a big, strapping, strong boy and I am afraid to give him more that 1,5ml's. I am not a naturalist and have no problem taking tablets myself but I am nervous when it come to Luke and feel guilty. I listen to all the moms talk about their natural solutions and I get this tinge of shame because I am one of those people who wants to fix the problem now and the "natural" route takes too long - CONFESSION- but I am trying to change my love of modern medicine and it takes allot for me to "dope" my kid! So please don't call child services :-)

It is starting to feel like the first 3 months of Luke's life all over again and I am not a fan of our late night rendezvous!

I still remember not fondly being so utterly exhausted one night that I bought 4 rolls of Chocolate Rolos...my logic was that I needed the energy. Okay honestly it was an excuse to eat chocolate...warning emotional eating!

Any way I was patting Luke for what felt like the millionth time and while hanging over the cot I was systematically popping the Rolos in my mouth. At some point I may have blacked out because I had drooled all over him. He was splattered with a sticky brown mess but at least he was sleeping. I did not even clean him because that might wake my "angel". In the morning Chris asked me what this stuff on his baby grow was...POO I confidently replied. He knew the truth but chose to keep quiet...LOL! I just gave him the look!

Okay, I have digressed back to last night. I felt like throwing Luke in the dustbin and going back to the hospital demanding that they give me a baby that was not broken...where the hell is the off button! Funny the things that actually go through your mind in the early hours of the morning after a very long night knowing that you have to get up for work early. I was clock watching every second that I was missing out on that precious desperately needed sleep.

Fortunately he did not end up in the dustbin and woke up after very little sleep all smiley and happy.

Can't say I feel the same way today my smile is more of a grimace!

Ohh and by the way to all those mothers who smile at me and say "my baby has slept through from 6 weeks BLAH, BLAH, BLAH I dislike you right now"! LOL!

Much love M


  1. Do yourself a favour Mans, after 3 nights of little or no sleep drug the kid!!! When you're desperate panado is your best friend! Now and then wont do you or Luke any harm in fact if he is teething you'll be helping the poor mite.
    Take heart my friend every mother has wanted to send theeir child back at some point.

  2. I agree with Mantha, Mandz. Give him some Panado! And if I am not mistaken, after 6 months he should be able to AT LEAST have 2,5ml? Luca's allowed 7,5ml every 4 hours :) x