August 19, 2010

Leading A Horse To Water But Can't Make It Drink.

Feeling: Irritated

Okay so I am a fix it kinnda person.

If you have a problem, talk about it, feel sorry for yourself for a few days and then it is time to fix it....I am sorry to say this but it takes a lot for me to actually really and truly sympathise with someone who as far as I can see can fix the problem but seems totally unwilling to do so. I can only say aggg shame so many times!

For example if you have a headache take a tablet lie down for an hour and get over it. These people that hold their heads and moan for hours just grate me.

I think my lack of sympathy comes from the fact that I have friends, family and acquaintances who have real problems but they are making the most out of terrible situations. These people inspire me and make me thankful for what I have.

As you may have guest someone really grated my carrot this morning!!

There is this obese woman at our gym lets call her Shamu. Before anyone who is caring a bit of extra junk in their trunk bites my head off...... I really don't care is someone is a bit squishy but come on you can be heavy, healthy and happy!

Shamu is a miserable person who has no reason to me I have known her my entire life.

She is also one of those people who is "allergic" to everything even avocado...BUT put a plate of fried,sugary, FATTY treats in front of her and she is fine........SURLY if you have allergies you need to eat well and be careful what you put in your mouth?
She claims she is allergic to lactose, nuts, avo BLAH BLAH BLAH...she also tell us ALL THE TIME about her sore knees, head, arms, wrists, knots in her back.......- NOTE TO SELF never ask her how she is ever again!

This morning while listening to her whinge this voice in my head kept saying..."well you are only about 5 Foot 2 and weight over 100Kg's, I am no doctor but there lies the problem.. so FIX IT!!!"

She pretends to gym...yes pretends, she kinnda hangs from the equipment and works her voice box..she never shuts up! Even on the cardio boards she kinnda flails around like a beached whale it seriously irritates me. If you are going to do something do it properly! She does not stick with anything and waddles into gym once maybe twice a week just for a moan it seems.

We all get the pleasure of watching her mess around while listening to her moan and give useless advice on supplements. Not only is Shamu allergic to everything but takes every supplement under the sun...carrot, beetroot supplements...what the.....why not just eat the healthy food?

Today I was quite snappy with her, I just could not help myself. She started carrying on at me about supplements! I calmly looked at her and said...Shamu why do you take all these pills when you eat unhealthy is like ordering a waffle with ice-cream and chocolate sauce and then washing it all down with a diet coke...seriously what is the point?

Ahh haaaa I thought I had her and would shut her up.

She stops talking, blinks, takes a breath and says....

I never drink diet coke it is full of chemicals!

(Excuse me.... I need a bathroom break to pull my hair out!)

Much Love M


  1. ha ha ha that's funny Mands, well I guess funny for me because I don't actually have to see her all the time....she sounds like a challenge. Hope you and family are well x

  2. LOL you have a way with worde Pen and put this so nicely...challenging YES! :-)