August 05, 2010

My 1st husband (may he RIP) asked me the same question!

Feeling: irritable

My husband, I do love him, really I do BUT yesterday morning I did not!

I wanted to clap the condescending smile right off his handsome face. I wanted to scratch the sarcastic sparkle out off his blue eyes, I wanted to shove my foot right between his..... "breath". YES I felt violent!

I have not been feeling great for the past week. I contracted pink eye, this required antibiotics. Due to this my immune system has since crashed and I now have flu and am on a second course of antibiotics.

Luke has not slept more that 2 hours at a time for the past 10 days, 45 min and 2 sec .....okay not really but it does feel this way!
The poor mite has also not been well and is teething (lovely combination- as previously discussed Luke is a GO big or GO home kinda kid)- we are a sorry twosome!
If Luke does not sleep, Mamma does not sleep....ENOUGH said!

Yesterday morning I was a bit slow (understandably????), I got up slowly, painfully, I changed Luke's nappy slowly, I made breakfast/lunches slowly, I got dressed slowly .......get the picture?

The result being that I was running a bit late.

Chris trying to be helpful was rushing me and clock watching. Every 15 minutes he would tell me what the time was, highlighting the fact that I was behind schedule (No sh1t Shurlock).
After the 10 time that he had told me to hurry up and had cheerfully called out the exact time, I CrAcKeD and spewed forth a few well chosen pretty descriptive words about the entire situation!

Chris stopped looked at me and said:


My eye started to twitch!


I unceremoniously and with as much force as I could muster SLAMMED the front door in his face.

Why do men do this....If we are not MRS. FREKEN RAY OF GLAMOROUS SUNSHINE then it must be hormones!

Much Love M

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