August 06, 2010

The things we do to our Kids!

Feeling: Stupid

I almost traumatised my poor child for the rest of his life before he was even born.

I know that this sounds rather dramatic but think back to your school days. Now think about that 1 poor kid who got teased from grade 1 to matric! 12 years of his sorry little life and all because his parents decided to be creative and give him an unusual name.

At 16 weeks we found out that my Chilli Bean (Luke's name for the 1st 16 weeks of my pregnancy because I ate my weight in chillis and then some) was a boy!

I was thrilled and had the baby naming book at home all ready for name choosing!

This book was pretty "modern" it had names in it like 50 Cents, Snoop Doggy and Apple ..... !

Anyway I had always loved the name Luke and had always thought that if I had a son that would be his name but now it sounded boring. In my pregnant state I decided to try and find something a little bit different, something unusual...why, why do we do this to our kids?

After going through what felt like a million names I came across the name ASH .... I must confess that I still quite like it. Anyway that night over a family dinner I decided to test the name on my toughest, most honest critics, my 2 brothers.

I looked at them and said "Hey guys what do you think of the name ASH HALL!?????"

Both my brothers immediately stopped eating and looked at me in horror. They asked me if I was serious! Now feeling a bit uncertain by the looks, I quietly replied "yes".

They then asked me to imagine the following scenario:

Luke wins an award at school or gets called to the office:
The principle says,"Will Mr. A. Hall, A Hall please come to x, y or z!"

I froze played the scenario in my head and realised I had nearly named my child Asshole!

I mean really now Mands why not just get it over with and call your kid POOPHALL!

Much Love M


  1. Crack up!! So funny Mands. Glad your brothers were there to stop you

  2. ME too can you emagine!!! I also took out all the names starting with an E....with E.Hall (eeyore.. donkey from Winne The Pooh) please come to the office! YIP I can get quite creative with this surname!