June 03, 2010

ME a Mother WOW!

Feeling: Nostalgic

My Son Luke Christian Hall was born on Sunday 29Th of November 2009 at 04:35am. He was a hefty 3.12Kg and was 3 weeks early. It is most incredible, life changing moment that I have ever experienced, NOTHING can compare.
I still can't quite believe that I am a mother - the best role ever. I look at Luke and find it mind blowing that he is actually here and is mine. It is a little scary as well, I am responsible for this little life.. Wow Breath!
Luke's actual "due" date was the 16Th of December. My Gyno had booked me to have my Caesar on the 9Th December but as the old saying goes... children have minds of their own.

I went to work on the 27Th of November and even managed to do a hectic 1.5 hour gym workout in the afternoon- yaaay go me.
On the 28Th of November I had a busy day. Chris was playing cricket so I decided to get all the girly things out the way - I had my hair highlighted, my nails done and even managed a bikini wax (OUCH)(WAX MUCH???)..smooth like a babies....Umm Yip!

Chris then met me at my parents house for dinner..we had a big rib braai, YUM. We finally got home at 21:00. As I settled down to watch some TV I started to feel sick...tummy cramping sick. I waddled to the bathroom and saw the first signs of labour - PANIC!

I was sitting on the toilet wondering if this was really it or maybe it was that HUGE rich dinner that I had eaten - Note to self... never eat rich food the last month of pregnancy in case of early labour!

I calmly called Chris and asked him to throw me my Baby Bible through the door - when in doubt read!
I went straight to the page that said "First Signs Of Labour" OMW terrifying stuff in there! I started to feel a tinge of panic, THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN. I had not even gone to any anti-natal classes because I WAS HAVING A CAESAR!

Chris by this stage was anxiously standing outside the bathroom door - Babes I think I am in labour I said. His first response was call your mom. I really didn't want to bother her especially if this was not really it.
After a few more convincing cramps I called mom and told her what was going on..she started to giggle and said "MY LOVE YOU ARE IN LABOUR!"

I told Chris and gave him strict instructions on what I still needed packed. I then decided I needed to put some make-up on and YIP the contractions really HIT! OMW screw looking decent I threw my make-up in my bag and dragged Chris to the car.

On the way to the hospital we collected my mom and dad. As part of my birth plan I wanted my mom to witness the birth of her first grandchild. My dad being a Maree wanted to take his car so we transferred cars and my dad started to drive. My contractions at this stage were 3 minutes apart. I was sitting sideways in the car and was loosing my sense of humour. My dad was driving sooo slowly..when I told him to hurry up he calmly replied that he had precious cargo in the back GRRRRR I was going to precious cargo him in a minute!!! My mom and Chris were all giggly and telling me to breath - what the....! All the stupid breathing did was make me feel light headed.

When we finally arrived at the hospital this nurse came with a wheel chair...nope I don't need it I replied and proceeded to RUN up two flights of stair - the lifts were too slow. I pushed the labour ward "panic button" and told the nurse who I was and to let me in. They took me to the labour "torture" room and gave me the one of those bottom hanger outter gowns - all dignity from this point on was to be lost.

The nurse did an internal that was really,really sore I wanted to crawl off the bed backwards. She told me I was 3cm dilated. Okay so where is the Gyno I replied..we still have to call him was her response. As luck would have it my lovely Gyno was on holiday - good timing Luke!

They then put a heart rate monitor on my 37 week belly to check that my Luke was okay - relief - his heart rate was strong! I spend the next 4 hours vomiting, sitting on the toilet and lying on the bed in every position imaginable there was no doctor in sight. At one point the nurse told me that not one of the stand in doctors were answering their phones and that she could deliver my baby if need be - I burst into tears OMW no DRUGS???! Okay, I change my mind I don't want to do this lets go home!

My waters had now broken (it was so not like the movies, just a cupful..where was the big splash?).I was getting increasingly aggressive and everyone was tip toeing around me.

Eventually at 4am the stand in anesthetist arrived, I was so relieved, it was love at first sight. The stand in Gyno also arrived - he strolled in chewing gum! His first response was agggg you can carry on pushing! My response was - ....EDITED FOR SENSITIVE READERS (R18).....- not very polite!

I was finally wheeled into theate and got my spinal block - Heaven - warm, fuzzy, pain free heaven! I could not believe how easy and painless it was! They lay me down on this little table and started cutting ,I felt a tug - the Gyno then said OMW this is a big boy - pass me the forceps! He then slid my 3.12Kg son onto my lap at 4:35am. Luke let out a tiny cry and proceeded to wee all over me!

My mom was screaming, laughing and crying the entire time.Chris could not wipe smile off his face. He hugged and kissed me and whispered that he loved me and that I did good - poor guy!

Luke was immediately brought to me, I felt so overwhelmed I just sobbed. "Hello my son nice to meet you, I am your mommy, the voice you have heard for the past few months!" I whispered as I stroked his crinkled little face. He was blue and needed an oxygen top up, he had a cone head from being in the birth canal but 10 fingers, 10 toes and a frown - perfection!

Every uncomfortable, embarrassing, painful, scary moment disappeared and I realised that I had witnessed a true miracle and that God had blessed me and Chris with Luke -Bringer of light - this is what his name means.

I love him now and forever. He is a symbol of Chris and my love and our commitment to each other. I would do it all over in a heart beat just for you my son!

Psalm 139:

13 You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb.
14 Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous--and how well I know it.
15 You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.
16 You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

Much Love M x


  1. Ok, I am now officially blubbing!!! BEAUTIFUL birth story!!! My little Hayley also wee'd when she came out! :)
    x x x x

  2. Candice WhiteheadJune 7, 2010 at 12:20 PM

    Love it Mands...as soon as I have some me time I'm gonna blog some too...watch this space. Love Candy