June 07, 2010

Monday Moodiness!

Feeling: Monday Moodiness!

Do you ever get Monday Moodiness?

I DO...Every Sunday at about 17:00 I get this sore knot in my stomach; I start to feel teary, irritable and anxious. I always have a bit of a Sunday evening wobbly- foetal position and all.
This has been happening since I started Grade 1. I really hated school – I hope that Luke has a different schooling experience. My first job at Standard Bank did not help... in fact it only worsened the situation.

I don’t like the start of a new week for a number of reasons:
I dislike getting back into routine- roooutinesshhhmmmootine BLAH.
I dislike leaving my Hubby for so many hours during the day.
I dislike having to get up early to fight traffic.
I dislike the rush.
I dislike the thought of what may be waiting for me at the office – remnants of my 2 years at Standard Bank – even though I now love my job, I still get that feeling of dread!

To make matters even worse I REALLY, REALLY dislike leaving my baby, King Luke – I miss him so much and feel terribly guilty even though he is at the best day care facility in Joburg .... NANNAS HOUSE!

I would give ANYTHING to be a stay home mom. Chris and I are working on this, we have a plan. I pray that by the time baby # 2 arrives my dream will become a reality. In the mean time I am doing the best I can – which in my opinion is not good enough.
I am however working on becoming a positive, happy Monday Mamma because at the end of the day this feeling too shall pass.

This is a brief version of my week every week..day in day out – Enough said:

01:00 am – Luke wakes mommy up for his feed – we are done and dusted in 15 minutes.
05:00 am – Daddy does Lukes 2nd feed – Done and dusted in 15 minutes.

06:00 am – The alarm clock goes off even though I feel like I just closed my eyes.
06:05/10/15 am – Still snoozing. I can hear the distant beeping.
06:15 am – Fetch Luke from his cot (a nappy change is essential) Let Shnooks out for a wee.

06:30 am – Make breakfast / lunches– eat it in bed with Chris, Shnooks and Luke.
07:00 am – Get dressed for Gym.
07:15 am – Load the car with a million bags, Shnooks and Luke.
07:20 am – Drive to mom’s house.
07:30 am – Drop off Luke and Shnooks with Nanna and GoGo. BIG KISSES goodbye. Nanna gives Luke Breakfast and a bath.
07:45 am – Arrive at the gym and work my butt off literally, LOL
08:45 am – Get dressed and put on face (JoBurg war) paint at the Gym.
09:00 am – Leave gym for work, 30 minute drive.
09:30 am – WORK
15:30 pm – Leave work – mad dash to Nannas- CANT WAIT to see my baby!
16:00 pm – Arrive at Moms House to mischievous smiles and an insanely happy to see me dog who wees on my foot. Play time with Luke Whoo Hoooo!
(I may stay at moms for dinner or go home...either way the routine is the same. Chris meets me either at home or at moms house).
17:00 pm – Lukes dinner time – hmmmm mush my favourite.
17:30 pm - Bath Time – daddy arrives home to much noise- YIPEEEEE!!

18:00 pm – Our dinner time – Luke starts to niggle for his bottle as I get my food – moms will understand this!
18:30 – Luke’s final bottle for the evening..wind down time.

19:00 – Luke’s bed time after a whole lotta rocking – I love it...holding him against me... bliss!
19:30 – Chris and my time.
21:00 – Collapse into bed!


Love M

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