June 15, 2010

A Rod For My Back

Feeling: irritated!

Why do people keep telling me that I am making a rod for my back when it come to my son King Luke ?...Yes KING. He is the ruler of my heart. I have not asked anyone else to do what I do and it is really starting to grate my carrot!

I hold him alot, I run to him even when he just whimpers, I will never, ever leave him to cry, I rock him to sleep, stroke his chubby cheeks or pat his nappy when he is tired. I hug him, kiss him, talk to him and play with him as much as I can. I am very protective over him and only like certain, trusted people to hold him. He still has his 1am bottle and I am fine with that and no I will not give him water instead! He is hungry and glugs down his milk in 15min without opening his eyes - rather cute!

He is spoilt I admit it, but he is a very happy,smiley,content baby because he knows he is loved. He rules and I run and it is just an absolute pleasure for me to do anything and everything for him especially while he will let me. So I take full advantage and will continue to do so for the rest of his life, that is just the way it is and will forever be. He comes first.

When older people hear that my mom looks after him every day while I am at work they get a frown and ask my mom in a terrified whisper "How do you cope?' Like my mom says whats to cope with? My mom says it is a privilege to look after Luke and I know in my heart that when I am a granny one day I would love to do the same for my grandchildren! My moms spoils Luke as much as I do, in all honestly what else are Granny's for?

When people hear this they give us a very disdainful look... maybe it is because they feel guilty that they are not doing it for their own grandchildren? I don't know?

I once watched a program on brain development in babies and it is a proven fact that those babies who were touched, held and loved had bigger brains with better connections than those who were not held, touched or loved. These baby's were living in an orphanage and were only given the basics to survive. The difference in brain development was huge and could clearly be seen in their brain scans..quite amazing!

So if anyone criticise me and my mom about how much we spoil Luke my new answer is:

"I am developing my sons brain cells!"

Love M


  1. Well done my friend! Sharing is the best therapy for new moms and you're doing a great job! Much love xxx

  2. You go girl!!! Your child, your choice and to hell with what others think!!!

  3. LOL thanks ladies! Lots of love!

  4. Candice WhiteheadJune 18, 2010 at 4:00 AM

    Your mom is a very special granny Mands! Ethan was just as lucky to be spoiled and looked after by my mom everyday until he started playschool, which was only half day and then she looked after him for the rest of the time. As my mom would say "Grannies are meant to spoil and give endless love". Ethan is turning 9 and my mom is still his "au pair". We are lucky to have such special ladies in our lives!