June 30, 2010

Update on Bad, Bad Mommy

Feeling: Like A Super Mom LOL!

Just a quick update...mission accomplished. Luke is eating MUCH better and a bigger variety of foods. I read the comments that people posted on my blog Bad,Bad Mommy and realised that none of their children were starving, living only on milk or were perfect and only liked the "good" stuff!

It seems everyone has had "food fights" with their kids...REVELATION I am not the only one! The other moms advice really help me to leap over this hurdle, yes my foot did get stuck on the top bar and I did scape my knees as I scrambled over it but I have learned from my error and am back in the race!

I stopped forcing the issue and suddenly he just started eating sooo much better. It was almost like he was sensing how I was feeling..cheeky little King. We are now going at his pace. He and I are much happier for it. He has actually cut himself down on his milk and is alllllmmooostt sleeping through the night. I still do not consider a 4am wake up call for food sleeping through but beggars can't be choosers.

I am also experimenting with foods that he does like and making different combinations with the foods that he does not want and so far so good! YIPEEE relief my boy will not live on milk and milk alone and Mommy is MUCH happier! I will not have to send a bottle with him in his lunchbox to Grade 1 instead of sandwiches.

Love M

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  1. Haha ... you are thinking FAR ahead my friend! Grade one?! LOL too funny!