June 23, 2010

Perfection, I wish.

Feeling: Very talkative.

Confessions, I quite like those.... NOT the confessions that people tell their religious leaders but every day, hey guess what, my life is less than perfect, snigger, laugh stories that make up our lives.
There is nothing I like better than having a raw, real, down to earth chat with someone. Especially if they are able to see life for what it is: a serious of belly flops (OUCH).Once in a while you may get that perfect jem, a 10/10 the most graceful, majestic perfect dive. This does not happen often but when it does it is pure, memorable magic!

A little less than perfect that is how I live. As I have gotten older and perhaps "snigger" a little wiser I do embrace this. I can actually see the funny side to many a misadventure and I maybe actually (gasp, horror) laugh at myself.

Sadly I find people who will actually share the real deal very few and far between.
With Face Book they seem to be just about non-existent or maybe I just don't recognise them?
It could be because of all the facial/body reconstruction going on?

Every one seems so happy,happy,happy and beautiful? umm Ja I don't buy it!
Photo shopping gotta love it!
Sadly I must however confess that I too am not immune to this trend, my vanity does at times prevail, if a photo is taken at a less than desirable i.e FAT angle it swiftly gets deleted! I am not a fan of "wide angle" shots hehee!

I do however fight the urge to give myself that all year Tan. I do "TRY" and post click and print pics....I will prevail! Deep breath, baby steps.
I have this irrational fear that a FB friend will meet me in real life and will think wow she does not look fab like her FB photos, actually she is pretty much drab! How bad would that be?

For those people who are real and don't care who knows the honest truth I salute you!
You make me proud. You are brave and yes I can hear your roar.

Send me some of your confessions here is a list of mine - lets think of it as a getting to know each other session :

1. I would love to convert my kitchen into a study. I am serious! It would then actually be used. I am a less than perfect domestic goddess, especially after the gem squash incident of 2008.

2. I hate walking barefoot or seeing barefoot people.Don't even get me started on people who go shopping without shoes on (pet hate)! I heard that TB can go through the soles of your feet . EEEW

3. I think gap years are silly - sorry guys Cringe but I do. Maybe it is because I was to scared to take one.

4. I am not a girls, girl and can go to the bathroom on my own. I don't get why girls do this am I the only one? Giggling girls make me cringe, I can't handle them. I get an ichy slap her hand!

5. I am petrified of getting fat, my biggest fear. Sad but true. Fried food makes me anxious!

6. I have been on anti-depressants for 5 years but have suffered with depression for many more. It is a constant companion and challenge. (Will write a blog on this)

7. I am not into music at all. A girl once told me she does not trust anyone who is not into music. Needless to say we are not friends! I listen to 702, I like all the talking, surprise, surprise and feel very important when I know stuff!

8. I am scared my son will not love me because at times I don't love me. Deep!

9. I love the security that money brings not so much the stuff.

10. I can't cope in the corporate world. I just somehow can't quite play the game. I just don't match up. This makes me feel like a failure, I have the brains, the studies, the look but not the drive....

11. I feel totally unsociable at times and instead of partying. I prefer being in bed by 20:00 reading a silly, unsophisticated book. Nothing too deep. I still feel all partied out from my Uni days. I am over it and can't get the feeling/vibe back no matter what I do, it is lost!

12 I don't just like or love my jeans I adore them. I only wear dresses for Chris or on very special occasions. I at times want to dress like a guy, they have it so easy! SIGH.

13. Chris and I fight a lot but make up even faster because we love each other the bestest. Most times we forget what we were actually arguing about. One word "passion"!

14. My long eyelashes are the result of an eye lash growing serum - it is amazing! They are not "naturally" this long.

15. I love my son the mostest but I really disliked pregnancy. I do not think it is beautiful, miraculous yes, beautiful no. I like my body to be my own.

Perhaps I am the only less than perfect mother/wife/ woman there with a few confessions?

Love M


  1. I love this my friend ... you are brave. Very brave. You are also beautiful, a FANTASTIC mother and a great friend. I am glad that I feel like I can tell you anything xxx

  2. Gr8 post Mandy! I can relate to 1-5,8,9 and 11!!! There is no such thing as a perfect mom/wife!!! I know I am not!!!
    x x x x

  3. LOL Thanks my fellow Mums and friends! You guys inspire me daily! xxxx

  4. Hey I just saw your blog on Roz's (the preggy post) so I came to "meet" you and I love your style - oh so honest and real :)

    I am definitely not perfect and have lots of issues - come read mine, you'll see. LOTS!

    Some of my confessions - I let the nanny feed the babies the difficult food as I am tired of fighting with babies to eat. Tired.

    I still think of myself as a bad mother because our of ALL my friends, I'm the only one (oh wait there is ONE!) whose kids didn't sleep through quickly.

    Hope you sleep better tonight LOL