June 28, 2010

Tired, let me off!

Feeling: Tired

I am battling to express how I actually feel today.
Every time I try to think of a descriptive word all I can see is this big, dark bubble floating over my head that says TIRED! SIGH!
That word is just so boring and common... but alas I am.... TIRED.... my body is tired, my brain is tired, my feelings are tired, my eyeballs are tired, even my husband is tired! Hehee!

Is it perhaps the mid-year winter slump?
Nope it is just life and the speed of life. I can't quite remember when last I stopped to smell the roses/chocolate cake? From the moment I open up my eyes in the morning to the second that I collapse into bed at night, I am on the GOOOOOOOOOO.

My life is hectic and demanding. My days seem to have sped up. In 2 days time we are already into JULY OMW and today my baby is 7 months old!

Work has been busy, with all our clients arriving for the Soccer World Cup at once.

On Saturday I had 17 people arrive. Some of them were very "difficult" I really could use a much more colourful word to describe them but remember I am trying to be a lady, so you will all have to be content with the word "difficult"!

This one woman in particular was terrible, I have had to warn the various lodges that I am sending her too that they may need to give their staff Rescue Remedy before she arrives, on second thought Vodka. This may help them to deal with her blatant rudeness. She had my transfer lady in tears on Sunday. Actually I had dream that I smashed a Vuvuzela over her head!!

Yes some of these visitors have been that unpleasant.

The funny thing is that they are the ones who are disorganised, they have no clue what they are doing and want our services for free. I have had to do just about everything for them. I wonder if they will need someone to wipe their ...... okay I will stop now remember my promise to be a lady!

Organising fabulous, dream, once in a life time holidays for spoilt brats and people who are just so sadly jaded is quite an experience!
They make my brain tired especially when I want/need/crave, will sell my kidney for their holiday.
Actually on second thought my tongue is tired from being diplomatic and polite when talking to them.
Thankfully "that' woman could not see my middle finger through our various telephone conversations "snigger".

We found out yesterday that my brother and sister in law will be having a baby girl in November. I am so excited to be an auntie and to be an auntie to a niece is just the cherry on top.
How fun is that going to be. Maybe she will be like me? I had better not say that to my brother he may run away! LOL
Around the time that my niece arrives my King Luke will be turning 1...EEECK slow down my precious son, don't grow up to quickly!

On a negative note my Mamma Bear is having an op on Thursday. She has 2 lumps on her thyroid and will be having them and part of her thyroid removed. I am in one word... anxious.... enough said.
I will be taking the day off work to look after my baby because the best day care in town will be closed (aka Nanna's House). So with the excitement of new baby girl but the downer of moms op I feel tired...that word again!

Luke is very vocal at the moment, he makes me laugh. He is a seriously funny little ball of mischief. I do not have any bench marks when it comes to comparing him with other babies. I really have no idea if other babies do the things that he does but I find him a hoot! I think he is so clever maybe the cleverest baby boy in the whole world :-)

He hums himself to sleep when I rock him in my arms, not a quiet gently hum but a big boisterous hum, then every now and again he lets out a little snigger.

He laughs when we laugh even though he has no idea why we are laughing or maybe he does "wink, wink"!
He squeals with delight when I tickle him or change his nappy!
He LOVES to play pick- a -boo. I let him jump on the bed naked- he is such a typical boy,and squeals with delight. He seems very proud of his appendages! He sticks his out his tongue in serious concentration and if I stop bouncing him he tries to jump on his own. His co-ord is still all over the place so when he does this he looks like a drunken, naked, chubby, Sponge Bob Square Pants with serious hail damage....To CUTE!

If I give him a food that he does not like his entire body shivers, you have to peel me off the floor when he does this, it is hilarious! He gags, blinks and quivers when he gets a lump and will work the lump to the tip of his tongue where it is promptly spat out!

Shopping takes me forever, he is one of those kids that makes full eye contact with complete strangers. He flirts with everyone so subsequently they all stop me and ohh and awww over him. He loves the added attention and gets this very self important expression on his little face. He even lowers his eyebrows and coyly peeps over them at the lovely ladies- I swear I can hear his saying "How ja doing?" - FLIRT!

If we do happen to be near someone who ignores him he will, squeal at them and laugh until he gets noticed. If they continue to ignore him he actually growls?!

He is wonderful and I am so blessed to be his mommy but the Little King is still not sleeping the entire night so I do admit my eyes are tired!

I am still managing to do 1 hour of gym 4 times a week. Fortunately I only picked up a couple of pesky kilos in my pregnancy. I have just about lost them all BUT there is always a but.... I still feel gross!
I can easily get back into my smallest jeans. I look the same as before if not smaller but my clothes feel different - maybe my hips have widened ohhh the horror?
I have lost all my own boobies - thank goodness for my fakies or I would have had to buy a t-shirt saying "this is the front". My Caesar scar is just that a scar...no more to be said on that!

To look the way I do after a baby is not fantastic genetics. I am tired of people telling me how lucky I am to have bounced back so quickly. I work out DAMN hard and did my entire pregnancy. Hence my body is tired, I get up early to go and work out 4 times a week without fail, boooyaaaa!

All in all life if busy but still good. I am truly blessed with a good job, supportive family, beautiful baby, wonderful hubby but I do at times wish that I could pause time for a few hours a day so that I could go and take a REAL nap....IMAGINE the possibilities?

Love M

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